Red Till Anglesea – Knitting Nancy

I cannot knit. I cannot sew. I cannot cook. Not great wife material really am I? I inherited a sewing machine from my Step-Mum a few years ago; it has sat in the garage gathering layers of dust…. But one day soon I’ll face the sewing monster fear and get it out. God help me that day, I’ll make sure the health insurance bill is up to date as I’m likely to end up in the emergency ward. My husband it a brilliant cook. Subconsciously, I think it may have been on my wish list when looking for my perfect mate! I can bake like the best of them, but the cook thing, you know, real meals, meat and 3 veg daily thing I have never mastered. I burn stuff regularly, the microwave has been replaced twice and when you have a hubby that whips up amazing food, why should I bother?

So when the Red Till in Anglesea put on a Knitting Nancy session, I wasn’t going to miss it! If I failed to pick up some sort of knitting know how, then at least I could enjoy their great coffee and yummo hot jam donuts.

The romantic notion that one day I’ll be able to knit my own scarf is not the biggest dream a girl can have but, it’s mine and I’ll own it. Armed with my first set of knitting needles, I managed to get the hang of it… sort of. I’ve been sitting in front of the fire, watching the idiot box, happily knitting away. I’ve dropped quite a few stiches, but hey, I am having fun… and some time next winter… yes I’m slow, I’ll have my own knitted scarf!