Land Capability Assessment

Hold ups, rules and regulations, you just have to grin and bear it

Here’s the story so far –

– We are changing the use of our shop to Café/Restaurant
– New EPA rules requires an LCA report done by an engineer to assess our Wastewater system
– Our design needs to be changed to add a disabled toilet

I have a few issues with this –

– The public toilets across the road from our shop are marketed as a disabled toilet. BUT by the BCA standards it’s measurements are too SMALL to be classed as disabled.
– The public toilets across the road are broken, the septic system is too SMALL to accommodate the amount of travellers using them. And as a rate payer, why are we paying to have them pumped out, when they obviously need replacing?
– We are required to comply with BCA rules, so why doesn’t council???

I’m sure I’ll have a bigger rant over this issue at some point!