Derrinallum ANZ Bank Closure

Last week we attended a meeting in Derrinallum about the ANZ Bank closing in November 2014. Bendigo Bank branch reps were there to discuss the possibility of having an Agency in Derrinallum, and what funds would need to be pumped into it, to be financially viable.

In a nutshell, they want $20 million from our community, broken down into $10 million in new accounts and $10 million in loans transferred from other banking institutions or new loan accounts.

When the ANZ branch closes they’ll be taking the ATM with them. That’ll be a bugga for travellers along the highway of nighttime, but there are other solutions.

We’ve discussed putting an ATM in our Café, but really, the fees passed onto the consumer are just stupid. Having EFTPOS available as well as being able to use Visa & Master card at our register is the easiest solution for our business to offer our customers…. There is always a solution but it will be sad to see the bank close!